About Coin Cube Trading

Coin Cube Trading is a club for collectors and dealers. Our members share information, help, and buy and sell collectibles. We all mostly deal in collectible numismatic coins, but we welcome all kinds of exonumia and collectibles. Our dealers offer items through the Buy-It-Now (BIN) and auction formats. Our groups is for all coins and paper currency, including exonumia. This includes ancient, and pioneer coinage, and modern coins, too.

We want to encourage kindness and sharing helpful information.
We do things differently. We’re a peoples club. We vote on most major rules and guidelines. We are here to encourage new collectors and an atmosphere of friendliness. This club will not be a governing body nor should we ever take that place as club.

We would like to keep it classy, so please refrain from posting damaged / non-gradable coins or paper money or anything with issues that is raw. We are happy to see legitimately rare coins or currency in Genuine or Details holders from reputable Third-Party Graders, like PCGS, PMG, NGC, ANACS, or ICG. Of course, if you’re a reputable dealer and you want to list 200 cull Morgans, that’s fine. We don’t want to encourage posting $20 dollar raw coins, this club is not for that. If you have items you value under $25.00, either list it as part of a group. If what you have is Early American or exonumia, post it up in ACC&E. If you any question please ask.

Coin Cube Trading is the parent club for all other online groups put together by Greg Hannigan and staff.

Thank you for joining and look forward to helping and seeing you here.

Meet the Team behind Coin Cube Trading

Coin Cube Trading Mission Statement

This is the Mission Statement for the Coin Cube Trading website. We want to create a safe and friendly location on the Internet where education, communication and trading all go hand in hand. We are creating and we will maintain a safe and friendly environment that will support everyone from the novice collector to the most seasoned dealer. We are the first to create social media and trading platforms like this for our hobby and for other collectible hobbies.

Our vision is to establish a place where like-minded individuals can congregate, discuss, educate and relate socially while still being able to buy, sell or trade all kinds of coins and related collectibles. We want you to have fun, enjoy yourself and feel comfortable here.

Founder Greg Hannigan’s vision is to create this environment online and to bring together collectors, investors and dealers to share their knowledge and to be able to buy and sell. Greg firmly believes that it is incredibly important to create such an environment and to be inclusive. Leaders in the coin industry need to give back to the collecting and investing community at large and this website and app is at the forefront of this effort. The over-arching goal is be available to as many collectors as possible and to expand to other hobbies and collectibles over time. Greg is a Life Member of the ANA, TSNS, CSNS and FUN.

Creating such a place on the Internet will allow dealers, collectors, investors and anyone to ask questions, receive honest and reliable information and to grow and enjoy their hobby without the need for or risk of national travel. Collectors and dealers will help each other grow and love this hobby even more.

We have assembled a group of team leaders for numismatic items with over 360 years of experience within the hobby. They are all here to help you.

Coin Cube Trading is your coin club, your social media venue, and your place where collectors, investors and dealers can comfortably and safely buy, sell, trade or learn. Visit with your questions, your ideas and your passion for our hobby. We will help you to enjoy this pursuit more than you had ever imagined.

We will grow this platform to eventually include a wide variety of other hobbies as well. Our plans include not only coins, currency and exonumia, but also historical Americana, gemstones, antique jewelry, and even collectible toys.

Join us and grow with us!

Coin Collectors and Investors!

How has your collection grown during 2020?

With the closing of the majority of Coin Shows during 2020, you may not have been able to add many nice coins to your collection or investment. Likewise, many investors were unable to take advantage of the volatility in metals prices in March and April. Without any coin shows were you faced with having to either buy your coins on eBay from unknown or foreign sellers, when your local coin shop ran out of inventory or was ordered closed. And selling posed even more of a problem for you!

If coin shows are important to you and the prices dealers have to charge to pay their eBay and PayPal are too high, there is another alternative. This alternative puts you, the Collector or Investor, FIRST! Coin Cube Trading (CCT) is a spectacular new website that will work to help YOU build your coin or currency collection! Coin Cube Trading (CCT) already has nearly 2,000 active members who want to buy and sell.

While some collectors were lamenting the loss of coin shows, many other collectors and investors were incredibly active on CCT buying great new coins and bullion every single day. CCT is the “brain child” of Greg Hannigan of Hannigan’s Rare Coins, who knew there had to be a better way to make up for all of the lost coin shows. Greg created a safe place where collectors and investors would not only have an active marketplace, they would also build long-term relationships with reliable dealers. Best of all, they realized that they do not pay Greg or CCT any on-going fees for anything that they buy. And the dealers don’t have to add an extra 13% to your sales prices to cover eBay and PayPal fees, so prices will be better for YOU, the buyers. Dealers on CCT only pay a small annual fee to join CCT. So bullion dealers and rare coin dealers are both welcome here.

Greg also started Americana Coins, Currency & Exonumia (ACCE) which is a great platform for buying or selling neat and unusual historical Americana items. That group has a solid core of more than 1,100 members. ACC&E is a place for buying, for selling and for learning about Colonial Coins, Colonial Currency and Colonial-era medals and tokens. It promotes learning and education and what a fantastic venue in which to buy these types of items on ACCE.

Greg wants to make this website the honest and reliable places for people to buy coins and bullion on the Internet whether coins shows start up again or not. Join us and be a part of the new revolution in buying coins and bullion! The new Coin Cube Trading website and mobile application are nearing completion and should be ready for use very soon. Go to: www.CoinCubeTrading.com

For more information contact Greg Hannigan at: Greg@CoinCubeTrading.com or Greg@USRareCoinsOnline.com

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