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Our forums are the place for the Coin Cube Trading community to share knowledge, ask questions, and most of all have fun. We have a Guess the Grade always going, a coin photography section, and be sure to check out our great sponsors!

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Also, keep a look out for the latest news on our full catalogue Featured Auction, which happens once per year.

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Join one of our Coin Cube Trading Groups to meet more people interested in your specific field. We have an Early American Coppers group focused on our love for early copper. EAC members are welcome to come here to chat and get to know each other.

We also have Americana, Coins, Currency & Exchange (ACC&E), for people interested.

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Every year, Coin Cube Trading has a live, broadcasted, catalogued coin auction. To participate (whether buying or consigning), you must have a valid, current CCT Membership.

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We’re here to encourage coin collecting in the next generation. As such, we offer Gold Memberships for FREE to numismatists aged 23 and younger. Sign up, tell us your date of birth, show us proof ,and join CCT as a Gold Member for free! If you prefer a higher level membership, just pay the difference.

Military Veterans

Our founder, Greg Hannigan, served in the United State Marine Corps between 1981 and 1987. He and wife Cecilia know the sacrifice you’ve made. If you’re a military Veteran, we thank you for your service and please have a Gold Memberships for FREE. Sign up, send us proof and join CCT as a Gold Member for free. If you prefer a higher level membership, just pay the difference.