Coin Cube Trading’s leadership team has over 360 years experience.

About CCT’s Founder:

Greg Hannigan

Hello, my name is Greg Hannigan. Thank you all for being here on First of all love the opportunity to host the first ever social media, buying/selling and topic platform for the numismatic community.  This is one of the safest places to buy and sell on the Internet!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. We lived in Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut and then back to Massachusetts. After high school, I joined the Marine Corps and spent six years there, from 1981 to 1987 in a combat role. SEMPER FI! I attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University during that time.

Like you, I was a collector as a child and I filled blue Whitman albums of Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels and Roosevelt Dimes, which I still have today as a reminder of my early passions for coins.

By the early 1970s, I would attend swap meets and flea markets with my parents and always was able to find a coin dealer or a collector selling some coins. It was around that time that I bought my very first Large Cent. I was an 1850 and would have graded Very Good, but it was special to me. It started my appreciation for these large old pennies!

Like many kids, I would work at shoveling snow or mowing lawns to earn some money with which to buy more coins.

By 1986, I was living near Los Angeles and the coin collecting hobby sparked in me again. While I loved Americana, pocket watches, old books and sports memorabilia, my passion remained with coins. I began frequenting coin shops and local or regional coin shows. And by the late 1980s, I had my first coin business.

Although my primary business was in lighting and electrical equipment, my desire to work in the coin business full-time was very strong. Like many dealers I began it on a part-time basis. But I knew where my path would lead. Although I collected and enjoyed mist coins and currency, my strong pursuit was still in the old copper coins and colonials.

I attended my first EAC coin convention in 2004 and ANA in 1995. In 2000, I named by business Great Coin Buys and remained as a part-time dealer until 2005. I had found my niche and began Hannigan’s Rare Coins and US Currency and continued selling on eBay.

I have had the honor of putting together a complete Sheldon set of all of the Large Cent varieties once and nearly completed one complete variety set on three other occasions. Both varieties of 1793 Strawberry leaves have been purchased by me, which is a very rare large cent a pattern coin – one of only three known examples.

I have been a contributor to the Guide Book of United States Coins (Mega Red Book) and my company has been an industry leader and sold more than $75 million dollars of rare coins and currency.  

I began Coin Cube Trading to help the hobby and to create the first ever social media, buying and selling platform for our hobby. I did this because most of the sites on the Internet were not safe places to trade and really didn’t help the hobby. As Region 4 Chairman for the Early American Coppers Club, I have promised to do whatever I can to promote that club and our hobby in general. I am a Life member of the ANA, TSNS, CSNS, and FUN.

My wife, Cecelia, and I have been married for more than 26 years and we have four wonderful children.

Hannigan is a Christian and devoted follower of Christ. Hannigan’s Rare Coins (HRC, LLC) is one of the largest coin dealers that works with early American coins and large cents. HRC is an industry leader. It is our passion for rare coins which has driven us to become one of the largest in the world. We have enjoyed doing this for the past decade.

As a child in the 1970’s, I was an avid collector. During the 1990’s and early 2000’s I was collecting and began selling. We have bought and sold individual coins valued more than $1.3 million dollars, which was a world record in September 2009. Coin World magazine featured us on the front cover of an issue, as did The Wall Street Journal.

We specialize in 18th and 19th century coins. In the past decade, we’ve handled over $28 million in sales. We hope you can join us as we continue to grow and fill our heart’s passion for rare coins & currency.

As we say in the coin biz, “In my past life”, I spent over 30 years in the same field. I began as a child working for my Dad’s company in the late 70’s, and worked my way up to senior regional manager. We worked to design the best lighting applications and introduced new lighting sources to the market, including LEDs. I worked on many LEED projects and helped to coordinate our design team and LEED with the architects, electrical engineers and design staff. I worked on electrical distribution design, including industrial, commercial, and residential applications. I specialized in lighting controls, including Lightoier, Lutron and other integrated systems for lighting, sensors, shades, HVAC and security. I also helped with lighting system and low-voltage system design. I worked as a project manager and area manager in outside sales.

Now, my main project is Coin Cube Trading and the clubs within CCT. I do this out of my passion for coins and collectors. I want to create a great, safe, helpful community that welcomes seasoned and new collectors, and brings them together.

“Greg Hannigan is one of the very few coin industry thought leaders in existence today. He is creating venues where dealers and collectors have a safe, profitable and exciting environment within which to trade. His vision for the future of the coin business knows no bounds. While his knowledge is exemplary, he willingly shares it so all can benefit. Greg is driven not only by his wealth of expertise, but also by his heart that always dictates that things be done the right way. It is a true pleasure to work by his side.”

Mike Garofalo

I’ve known Greg Hannigan for close to twenty years. Over that time I’ve seen him grow into one of the most innovative and enthusiastic promoters of our numismatic hobby. No one applies more energy or works harder to achieve success. The new Coin Cube Trading and American Coin and Currency platforms promise to provide great benefits to collectors and dealers alike. Congratulations!

Chris McCawley

Greg Hannigan started the best coin and currency group on Facebook Coin Cube Trading where the collector could feel at home not only is Greg a wealth of knowledge when it comes to early copper coins he also promotes nonprofit clubs like EAC ANA and others he’s totally dedicated to the hobby and is always looking out for the young collector. Soon he will be launching a web site connected to Coin Cube Trading I know for a fact many collectors and dealers alike can’t wait Thanks for all you’ve done Mr. Hannigan.

Pat Cyrgalis

Greg has put together a quality numismatic platform called Coin Cube Trading on Facebook where good honest coin enthusiasts can post numismatic items for sale, auction or just as a show and tell. It’s also a safe, comfortable and monitoring the environment where both young and new budding numismatists can ask questions about specific coins, notes, exonumia or an unusual variety. If that wasn’t enough, in the near future, Greg will unveil an amazing state-of-the-art and multi-functional website that will include a social media platform combined with an eBay-like auction and point-of-sale platform. It will also include a discussion forum/message board where folks can discuss all areas of numismatics and post photos with comments, ideas and questions about anything numismatic-related. There will also be numismatic experts monitoring the forum who will provide feedback and help answer questions. The roll-out of the Coin Cube Trading website is an exciting and momentous event!!

Charmy Harker, the Penny Lady®

CoinCubeTrading is by far the best and easiest way for me to get my inventory of quality Ancient Coins in front of thousands of enthusiastic numismatic buyers. I know if I post a coin it will sell fast and that is why joining at the Diamond Level was a “no-brainer” for me. If you want to sell coins and really move inventory, I would highly recommend that you join CoinCubeTrading.

Randy P. Seitz
President and Chief Numismatic Officer RP Seitz Ancient Coins

Greg Hannigan’s Coin Cube Trading is a unique and new way to buy and sell coins. The Internet has changed the way many things are done. Major auction houses and a few large coin dealers have embraced it, but other than eBay, it’s been a challenge for collectors and testimonial smaller dealers to leverage the value of the Internet for buying and selling. Plus, eBay (and PayPal) has become expensive and a wasteland for fakes. Greg’s great idea was to create a site where buyers and sellers could connect without middlemen like eBay. Though still in its infancy, it has grown rapidly, and represents a great hope for collectors and smaller dealers.

Bill Eckberg

I have greatly enjoyed all of the business that I have been able to conduct on Coin Cube Trading’s Facebook page, both buying and selling, as it has allowed me to connect with many other buyers and sellers whom I had previously not known. Specifically, from a seller’s standpoint, I have now had numerous repeat customers—all thanks to the Cube—and, from a buyer’s standpoint, I find that the tagging system for specific interests makes sure that you get instant notification for those niche items for which you have been searching.

Jeremy Bostwick, Numismagram

Numismatics is one of the oldest areas of continual study since The Renaissance. It continues to evolve. Facebook groups appear to be the newest link in this process. Over the past year or two, due to the popularity of social media, we have discovered new contacts, new coins to buy, and an incredible amount of shared information. Coin Cube Trading. has been my “go-to” group when either looking to buy, or sell, or to get sound advice on virtually every category of numismatic study.

Steve Vesely, ICON

I could not be more excited about Coin Cube Trading, and the possibilities it opens up for dealers and collectors alike. Personable, affordable, and designed with the best interests of the hobby in mind, Coin Cube Trading is an exciting new alternative to other high fee sites, and long-overdue addition to the coin world.

John Call, Allegiance RC 

Greg and company have created a dynamic marketplace that serves collectors and dealers alike. We saw immediate and significant sales, as well as many buying opportunities, once we started participating in Coin Cube Trading. Leveraging the power of social media in a coin and collectibles marketplace has proven to not only increase business for dealers, but add to the enjoyment of the hobby for collectors. Greg’s comprehensive market knowledge, extensive connections, and tireless work ethic ensure the success and growth of this platform. 

Kevin Vinton, Inde Et Lib Numismatists, Vinton McCawley Auctions

Coin cube trading meets several of my needs. First and foremost, it’s a place I can connect daily with a well organized and carefully cultivated community of numismatists. There are a generous number of people who participate in this group with real expertise in their respective numismatic fields. So there is ample opportunity to learn something new. Greg and mods have done a superb job of communicating and enforcing the expectations of reasoned discourse between members. The marketplace offerings have proven to be fairly priced and interesting to me personally with a focus on early American type, U.S. and world exonumia. To date, I have bought, sold, and advertised through CCT, all to good effect.

Mike Dlugosh

With myself being a young dealer and numismatic researcher, Coin Cube Trading has offered a very inviting community that has allowed for great networking and discussion opportunities with many knowledgeable people in all areas of numismatics. Coin Cube Trading has brought together many old faces of numismatics along with many new faces in both the hobby and industry to make a very cohesive group of people that want to see the tradition of numismatics thrive.

Jeffrey Shumar, Jr. Shumar Numismatics

With the creation of Coin Cube Trading, Greg Hannigan has launched a coin site for collectors and dealers unparalleled to any other site, proven by a large number of members who have joined in the short time since it’s creation. Coin Cube Trading is truly a site that encourages new and “seasoned” collectors with information and is in the top tier for buying and selling coins and more. Various formats for buying and selling are available, such as a traditional auction-style and a straight ahead “buy it now” type. One of the “hidden” treasures of this site is the valuable information gleaned by the listings on the site, whether in one’s collecting specialty or in other areas where one does not collect. Many thanks to Greg for the hours spent launching and continually improving Coin Cube Trading.

Doug Blanchard

Greg, thank you. Everyone reading this should sign up w Greg. Greg is passionate about numismatics, understands the biz, and 110% of the time do what is right. Get some skin in the game and help make it happen faster and better!

Paul Landsberg

CCT and ACC&E have injected a breath of fresh air into the numismatic community. I enjoy the thoughtful exchange of comments and commentary, and the ongoing display of interesting items offered for sale. Greg Hannigan has contributed substantial personal resources into making this work for all involved and should be soundly commended for his efforts. His professionalism and dedication are exemplary, and very much appreciated!

Gary Groll

Matt Yohe

My name is Matt Yohe and I’m your customer service manager here at Coin Cube Trading. Greg Hannigan and I have been acquainted since 2011 when we met in Portland, Oregon at my first EAC (Early American Coppers) convention. But it was about 4 years ago when I was sharing a table with Chris McCawley at another EAC convention that we finally had time to get to know each other. Greg and I share a vision. We believe the future of our hobby is online and see this as a huge opportunity. You, as members of CCT, must have come to this realization as well and we are excited to have you join us!

My numismatic interest began somewhere around the age of 7 on the knee of my grandfather. He would spend hours with me looking at wheat cents in search of the elusive 1909-S V.D.B. After his passing, I inherited his collection which caused me to move beyond Lincoln cents. It wasn’t until the mid 90’s that early copper started to become a passion. My collection was meager as I was just starting a family and funds were better spent elsewhere. Once I completed my business degree at Eastern Illinois and joined the world of retail middle management, I was able to take up my collecting interests once again. I retired from my employer of 20 years about 4 years ago to become a full time coin dealer, an adventure that has turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be!  I currently collect foreign coins used in colonial America, counterfeit British halfpennys and whatever catches my eye.

Personally, my wife, Wendy, and I have been together for 21 wonderful years and we have four sons. We currently reside in the mountains of beautiful western Pennsylvania but will be looking to head south soon! 

The Coin Cube Trading Leadership Team

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Matt Yohe Customer Service Manager  
Cecelia Hannigan Customer service/ Accounting
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