1787 Connecticut Copper. M 43.2-X.4, R5. Draped Bust Left, CONNFC. MS-62BN (PCGS). Finest Known


Ex. Old New England Collection, StacksBowers Sale August 7, 10-11, 2020, Lot#2260

Comparisons from major collections

John Ford and Robert Martin did not have this variety at all.
Twin Leaf VF-20.
Finer than the Hessberg specimen, Perkins:479 (which was called “High Condition Census”), and both Oechsner coins.
It is also nicer than the Taylor/Partrick coin, which was called “EF-40” and deemed finer than the 1975 EAC, ANS and Yale University examples. Nothing comes close in any of the major collections of Connecticut Coppers sold over the past 50+ years.

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125.27 grains. High Condition Census and likely the finest known. Attractive medium brown with steely luster in the fields and traces of faded red in some of the obverse recesses. On the reverse, there is quite a bit more original red making for a very handsome example. A natural fissure passes through the back of the effigy’s head, while the reverse exhibits only trivial natural flaws that are barely noticed, let alone distracting. This is a true no friction MS Connecticut. Both sides are nicely aligned on the flan with only small parts of the date digits lost to the rim. A coin from an old New England Collection, likely off the market for more than a century, and therefore new to the Census. Rarity 5 (approx. 31-75 known in all grades). There are two varieties and die marriages of the Miller 43 obv. The more common is the 43.1-Y and the far rarer being this variety 43.2-X.4. CONNFC variety Page 66 Red book

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