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      I’m looking for some tips on how to eliminate reflections and glare when taking photos of copper coin through slabs. I have a lot of trouble with NGC slabs in particular.

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      Profile PhotoRyan Delane

      Man, it’s tricky. What I always do is set the coin flat on a surface, set my tripod up so that the center of my camera lens is directly over the center of the coin. I use a two light set up, each set about 45 degrees from the top center of the coin, between six inches and a foot away from the coin on both axes vertically (along the y and z axes). I leave the coin and the camera and play with the lights until I’m able to remove glare from the slab face, but get the brightness I want on the coin.

      With dark copper, you have to have your lighting sources closer to the coin. With bright silver (a blast coin), there’s a ton of light getting reflected by the coin, so I find it’s useful to push the lighting sources further away.

      I find this method works well with toned coins, too. Sometimes I’ll have a tiny prop under the slab so that I can make minute adjustments to the angle of the coin.

      Have you discovered any more tricks since you posted this?

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      Profile PhotoMatt Yohe

      New Diamond member Andy Graber has a process that we were discussing a few nights ago on the phone. I made some notes but I’ll touch base with Andy to post below so that we get it straight from the author. I have yet to find a method that works every time but I think Andy has a handle on it!

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